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CAESAR self-propelled howitzer
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CAESAR is a French 155 mm/52-calibre self propelled howitzer developed by NEXTER (formerly GIAT Industries).

CAESAR stands for "CAmion Équipé d'un Système d'ARtillerie" (EN: Truck equipped with an artillery system).

Author: NEXTER Group
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CAESAR is a wheeled self-propelled howitzer and comes in three variants: two 6x6 chasis versions and one 8x8 chasis version.

The artillery system intended for the French Army is mounted on a 6x6 Renault Sherpa 10 truck, while the export models are mounted on a 6x6 Unimog U2450L chasis.

The 8x8 variant uses a modified Tatra T-815 chasis, with a fully armoured four-person cab, to better protect its crew.

Normally the crew needed to operate the CAESAR SPH consists of five to six persons, but in but in exceptional situations it can be operated only by three persons.

The mass of the 6x6 versions is aproximately 17 tonnes. On the other hand, the new improved 8x8 variant may weight between 28.7 and 30.2 tonnes.

CAESAR uses a 155mm 52-caliber howitzer that can fire to a maximum distance of 50 km.

The vehicles have an operational range of 600 km (370 mi) and can reach a speed of 100 km/h (62 mph) on road.

Battle History

The CAESAR self-propelled howitzer have been used in several theatre wars.

The first CAESAR systems to be used in conflicts were the Frech ones. France deployed eigth CAESAR SPH systems in Afghanistan to support its troops. It also sent its self-propelled howitzer in the Lebanon to contribute to the peace keeping force.

Four French CAESAR artillery systems were also sent in Mali to take part in Operation Serval. Other four took part in the 2016-2017 Battle of Mosul.


- Denmark - The Danish Army purchased 15 Tatra 8x8 CAESAR systems wich will arive in 2020

- France - the French Army currently operates 77 CAESAR 6x6 Renault Sherpa versions and plans to purchase a total of 32 vehicles of the new 8x8 variant

- Indonesia - The Indonesian Army purchased a total of 55 vehicles

- Lebanon - NEXTER will deliver 28 vehicles to the Lebanese Army. The purchase is financed by Saudi Arabia

- Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia purchased a total of 80 vehicles and will locally assembly 78 of them. Plans to operate a total of 100 CAESAR systems

- Thailand - The Thai Army operates a total of six vehicles bases on the 6x6 Sherpa chasis

CAESAR - General Data and Specifications:
Type Self-propelled howitzer
Place of Origin France
Designer GIAT Industries
Manufacturer and Builders GIAT Industries
Mass / Weight 17.7 tonnes (6×6 version)
28.7-30.2 tonnes (8×8 version)
Length 10 m / 32 ft 10 in (6x6)
12.3 m / 40 ft 4 in (8x8)
Width 2.55 m / 8 ft 4 in (6x6)
2.8 m / 9 ft 2 in (8x8)
Height 3.7 m / 12 ft 2 in (6x6)
3.1 m / 10 ft 2 in (8x8)
crew 5-6 (3, emergency) (3, emergency)
Speed On-road: 100 km/h / 62 mph Off-road: 50 km/h / 31 mph
Operational Range 600 km / 370 mi
Armament 155 mm/52-calibre howitzer
Engine Diesel engine
Suspension 6x6 wheel