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Gowind-class design of surface combatants
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Gowind design is a family of various types of lighter surface combatants including light frigates, corvettes and offshore patrol vessels.

Gowind is a class of warships with stealth characteristics developed by the French shipbuilder Naval Group, formerly known as DCNS.

The larger ships of the design, the Gowind 3100 light frigate and the Gowind 2500 corvette are multirole surface combatants capable to perform anti-submarine, anti-ship and air defence missions.

The Gowind design consists of a series of warships measuring between 85 and 111 metres (278 ft 10 in to 364 ft 2 in) in lenght and with a displacement ranging from 1,000 to 3,100 tons.

The Gowind family of warships include:

- Gowind 3100 light frigate also known as the Maharaja Lela-class frigate
- Gowind 2500 corvette
- Gowind 1000 also known as the Kership-class offshore patrol vessel (OPV)

Author: Naval Group
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Type of warships of the Gowind design

1. Gowind 3100 light frigate

Gowind 3100 is the largest variant of the Gowind-design.

This variant was chosen by Malaysia which ordered six of such units.

In Malaysia, Gowind 3100 is officially designated as the Maharaja Lela-class.

Maharaja Lela (Gowind 3100) has a displacement of 3,100 tons and an overall length of 111 m (364 ft), being officially classified as a light frigate.

Maharaja Lela (Gowind 3100) is an enlarged variant of the Gowind 2500.

2. Gowind 2500 corvette

Gowind 2500 is the standard variant of the Gowind design.

With a displacement of 2,500 tons and a lenght of 102 m (334 ft 8 in), the Gowind 2500 is classified as a corvette.

Gowind 2500 corvette was chosen by Egypt and Romania, each of them ordering four units.

3. Gowind 1000 offshore patrol vessel (OPV)

Gowind 1000 is the smallest ship of the Gowind design with a total lenght of 87 m (285 ft 5 in).

Although it is officially named as Gowind 1000, this ship has a displacemnt of 1,450 tons.

Regarding its displacemnt and reduced dimensions Gowind 1000 is classified as an offshore partrol vessel, also being less armed than its bigger variants.

Also known as Kership-class OPV, this type was chosen by Argentina.

Propulsion of the Gowind surface combatants

Gowind 3100 light frigate and the Gowind 2500 corvette use the CODAD-type propulsion.

Speed and operational range of the Gowind warships

Gowind 2500 and 3100 can reach a maximum speed of 28 knots (52 km/h; 32 mph) and have a maximum range of 3,700 nautical miles (6,900 km; 4,300 mi) at a speed of 15 knots (28 km/h; 17 mph).

They have an endurance of 21 days and a complement of 65 persons, also being able to additionally host 15 special forces members.

Sensors and processing systems installed aboard the Gowind units

The sensors and the processing systems installed on the Gowind 2500 corvette and on its larger variant Gowind 3100 include the SMART-S MK2 3D radar and the CAPTAS-2 variable depth sonar.

These warships are equipped with the SETIS combat management system developed by Naval Group.

Electronic warfare and decoys installed on Gowind ships

Regarding the electronic warfare systems and the decoys, the Gowind warships are usually fitted with the VIGILE 200 Tactical R-ESM System and the ALTESSE Naval C-ESM.

Armament of the Gowind surface combatants

Gowind 3100 and Gowind 2500 are armed with a variety of weapons being capable of fighting in different environments.

When it comes to cannons, Gowind units are equipped with one 76 mm OTO Melara or 57 mm Bofors main naval guns and with two 20 mm Nexter Narwhal or 30 mm MSI DS30M cannons.

The surface-to-air capability is provided by a vertical launch system (VLS) of eight (8) to 16 MICA VL surface-to-air missiles.

As anti-ship capability, Gowind 2500 and Gowind 3100 can be equipped with four (4) to (8) Exocet or Naval Strike Missile (NSM) anti-ship missiles and with two triple torpedo launchers.

Aviation facilities of the Gowind warships

The larger variants, the Gowind 2500 corvette and the Gowind 3100 frigate have an helicopter landing platform and a stern hangar.

The two Gowind variants can operate one medium utility helicopter with a weight from 5 to 10 tons.

Operators of Gowind surface combatants

Although it is a French design, the Gowind series of surface combatants were not commissioned by the French Navy which relies exclusively on larger ships like frigates and destroyers.

However, the Gowind class proved to be a very successful design on export markets, with Gowind ships being selected by Argentina, Egypt, Malaysia, Romania, and the United Arab Emirates.


The Argentine Navy ordered a total of four Gowind-class offshore patrol vessels (OPVs).

Also known as the Kership class of OPVs the Argentinian ships have a full load displacement of 1,650 t (1,650 t) and a length of 87 m (285 ft).

1st unit - ARA Bouchard (P-51) / Commissioned: 2019
2nd unit - ARA Piedrabuena (P-52) / Commissioned: 2021
3rd unit - Planned to be delivered in 2021
4th unit - Planned to be delivered in 2022


The Egyptian Navy has acquired four Gowind 2500 vessels, the first being built in France and the next three in the North African country.

All the four Egyptian corvettes have been launched, the first two being already commissioned by the Egyptian Navy.

1st unit - ENS El Fateh (971) / Laid down: 30 September 2015 / Launched: 17 September 2016 / Commissioned: 22 September 2017
2nd unit - ENS Port Said (976) / Laid down: 16 April 2016 / Launched: 7 September 2018 / Commissioned: 11 January 2021
3rd unit - ENS El Moez (981) / Laid down: July 2018 / Launched: 12 May 2019
4th unit - ENS Luxor (986) / Laid down: TBA / Launched: 14 May 2020


The Malaysian Navy will operate six vessels based on the Gowind design but with a larger displacement of 3,100 tons.

These Gowind 3100 light frigates will be known in Malaysia as Maharaja Lela-class frigate.

1st unit - Maharaja Lela (2501) / Laid down: 8 March 2016 / Launched: 24 August 2017 / Commissioned: expected in 2021
2nd unit - Syarif Masahor (2502) / Laid down: 28 February 2017
3rd unit - Raja Mahadi (2503) / Laid down: 18 December 2017
4th unit - Mat Salleh (2504) / Laid down: 31 October 2018
5th unit - Tok Janggut (2505) / Laid down: TBA
6th unit - Mat Kilau (2506)


At the beginning of July 2019, Romania officially announced that Naval Group had won the contract to build four Gowind 2500 corvettes for the Romanian Navy.

It is an important victory for Naval Group, Romania being the first NATO member to choose the French design.

All the four warships will be locally built at the Constanța Shipyard.

Currently, the sign of the contract is delayed, the entire program being blocked in court due to the appeals submitted by Damen Group.

United Arab Emirates

The Arab state has signed a contract for the purchase of two Gowind corvettes with a displacement of 2,700 tonnes.

Gowind-class design - General Data and Specifications:
Type Corvette / Light Frigate
Service Period and Status In commission: 22 September 2017 - present
Planned: 20 units
Building: 6 units
Completed: 6 units
Active: 2 units
Manufacturer and Builders Naval Group
Boustead Heavy Industries Corporation (BHIC)
Alexandria Shipyard
Constanta Shipyard
Subclasses Kership offshore patrol vessel (OPV)
Mass / Weight 2,500 tons - Gowind 2500
3,100 tons - Gowind 3100
Length 102 m (334 ft 8 in)
crew 65 + 15 special forces members
Speed 28 knots / 52 km/h / 32 mph
Operational Range 3,700 nmi (6,900 km / 4,300 mi) at 15 knots (28 km/h / 17 mph)
Endurance 21 days
Armament Guns:

1 × OTO Melara 76 mm or Bofors 57 mm gun main gun
2 × Nexter Narwhal 20 mm or MSI DS30M 30 mm cannon

Vertical Launch System (VLS) and Missiles:

8-16 × MICA VL surface-to-air missiles installed in VLS

Anti-ship missiles:

4-8 × Exocet or Naval Strike Missile anti-ship missiles


2 × triple torpedo launchers
Propulsion Combined diesel and diesel (CODAD) is a propulsion system
Sensors & Processing Systems - SMART-S MK2 3D radar
- CAPTAS-2 variable depth sonar
- SETIS combat system by Naval Group
Electronic Warfare & Decoys - VIGILE 200 Tactical R-ESM System
Aircraft Carried 1 × 5-tons helicopter or
1 × 10-tons helicopter (supported)
Schiebel Camcopter S-100 (optional)
Avioation Facilities Stern hangar
Helicopter landing platform