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BAE Systems Tempest stealth fighter
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Tempest is a sixth generation stealth fighter aircraft that will be developed for the Royal Air Force (RAF) by a consortium consisting of BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, Leonardo S.p.A and MBDA. The consortium is known as "Team Tempest".

The British company BAE Systems is the main contractor, while Rolls-Royce will provide the engines, Leonardo the avionics and MBDA the armament.

BAE Systems Temspest is expected to enter service from 2035 replacing the British Eurofighter Typhoon and join the F-35 as the future stealth fighters of the Royal Air Force.

In July 2019, Sweden joined the development of the Tempest [LINK], by signing a memorandum with the United Kingdom. It is expected that Swedish aeronautical company Saab, the manufacturer of the JAS 39 Gripen will joind the development team and built the future Tempest fighter for the Swedish Air Force.

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The BAE Systems Tempest stealth fighter was officially anounced at the 2016 Farnborough Airshow, on July, 16th, by the British Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson.

The new sixth generation stealth fighter is part of the British Combat Air Strategy a strategic plan regarding the future of the Royal Air Force.

A real-sized mock-up of the future jet fighter was also presented at the Farnborough Airshow showing a single-seat, twin-engine fighter and a delta wing with cranked trailing edge design.

Tempest will incorporate many new technologies that define a sixth generation fighter including the capabilties of unmanned flying and controlling swarms of drones.

The two engines will be of variable cycle type and the fighter jet will use directed-energy weapons.

The avionics will incorporate artificial intelligence deep learning, and Tempest will be able to sharing data on the battlefield a capability known as Cooperative Engagement Capability.

The pilot will benefit of a helmet mounted display that will project a virtual cockpit.

Along the British corporations BAE Systems and Rolls Royce, the Italian company Leonardo and the European MBDA conglomeration will also take part in the development efforts with Saab also expected to join the team after Sweden chose to take part in the project.

Besides the British Royal Air Force, Tempest might be bough by Italy and Sweden and also there were informations that BAE intends to also offer the fighter to the Indian Government.

Along with the Brexit, the United Kingdom also chose to follow an independent path in the development of its new generation aircraft. It will be one of the two European sixth generation fighters, the other one being the FCAS a project developed by European continental powers of France, Germany and Spain.

Tempest - General Data and Specifications:
Type Sixth-generation jet fighter
Place of Origin United Kingdom
Service Period and Status Planned for 2035
Under Development
Designer BAE Systems
Leonardo S.p.A.
Manufacturer and Builders BAE Systems
Program & Unit Cost Program cost:
Initially £2 billion up to 2025 invested by UK Ministry of Defence (MoD)