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ASCOD infantry fighting vehicle

ASCOD is a tracked infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) jointly developed by Austria and Spain.

ASCOD stands for Austrian Spanish Cooperation Development. Its Austrian designation is Ulan while the Spanish one is Pizarro.

ASCOD infantry fighting vehicles entered service starting with 2002.

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ASCOD IFV measures 6.83 m (22 ft) in length, 3.64 m (12 ft) in width, and 2.43 m (8 ft) in height.

The Austrian Ulan variant is slightly heavier having a mass of 28 tonnes (31 short tons), while the Spanish Pizarro variant weights 26.3 tonnes (29.0 short tons).

ASCOD IFV has a crew of three persons including the commander, the driver, and the gunner, and can carry up to eight (8) infantrymen.

The armor is made of rolled steel and it can be improved by adding explosive reactive armor or composite armor modules.

The main gun of the ASCOD is a 30 mm Mauser MK 30/2 autocannon.

As secondary armament, the Spanish and Austrian variants are fitted with different machine guns. ASCOD Pizarro is equipped with an MG3 7.62×51 mm NATO while the ASCOD Ulan has an FN MAG 7.62×51 mm NATO.

Both Ulan and Pizarro (Phase 2) versions are powered by a 720 hp diesel engine. Initially, Pizarro Phase 1 had a 600 hp diesel engine.

The suspension is of torsion bar type with Piedrafita rotary dampers models AR01 and AR02.

On-road ASCOD can reach a maximum speed of 72 km/h.

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