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PARS III 8x8 is an armoured personnel carrier (APC) manufactured by the Turkish company FNSS.

Author: FNSS
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PARS 8x8 APC has a combat weight of 30 tonnes (30,000 kg), a length of 8 m, a width of 3 m and a height of 2.4 m.

It has a crew of three (3) and can carry up to nine (9) soldiers.

PARS 8x8 armored personnel carrier is powered by a diesel engine coupled to an automatic transmission with eight (8) gears (7 forward an 1 reverse).

PARS 8x8 is available in a number of variants including:

- PARS III 8x8 CFV - Cavalry Fighting Vehicle variant;
- PARS III 8x8 IFV - Infantry Fighting Vehicle variant;
- PARS III 8x8 ICV - Infantry Carrier Vehicle variant;
- PARS III 8x8 SPM - Self-Propelled Mortar variant;
- PARS III 8x8 CP - Command Post variant;
- PARS III 8x8 ARV - Armored Recovery Vehicle;
- PARS III 8x8 AME - Armored Medical Evacuation variant.

PARS 8x8 has an operational range of 800 km and a maximum speed of 100 km/h.

It has a gradient of 60%, a side slope of 30%, can crosses vertical obstacles of 0.70 m in height and crosses trenches of 2 m in width.

The PARS 8x8 has angle of approach of 50 degrees, an angle of departure of 40 degrees, and a turning radius of 8 m.

PARS 8x8 can be air transported with Airbus A400M, C17 Globemaster, and C5 Galaxy.

FNSS PARS III 8x8 - General Data and Specifications:
Type 8x8 armoured personnel carrier (APC)
Manufacturer and Builders FNSS
Mass / Weight Combat weight:
30 tonnes (30,000 kg)
Length 8 m
Width 3 m
Height 2.4 m to hull roof
crew 3 crew members + 9 passengers
Speed 100 km/h on road
Operational Range 800+ km
Turn Radius 8 m (Curb to Curb)
Engine Diesel engine
Transmission Fully Automatic with 8 gears (7 Forward, 1 Reverse)
Suspension Double Wishbone, Independent and Hydro-Pneumatic
Angle of Approach 50°
Angle of Departure 40°
Gradient 60%
Side Slope 30%
Vertical Obstacle 0.70 m
Trench Crossing 2 m
Transportability A400M Atlas, C-17 Globemaster III and C-5 Galaxy