Slovakia will acquire 81 Patria AMV armored personnel carriers

The vehicles will be locally built, with the possibility that 16 Slovak and one Czech companies taking part in the production.


Belgium will acquire F-35s, armored vehicles and UCAVs

Today, Belgium has in its inventory 53 F-16A/B jets, including 44 F-16As and 9 F-16Bs, wh...

Type 26 wins the Canadian Surface Combatant competition

The Canadian program required for the construction of 15 new ships to replace the current 12 Halifax frigates and the former Iroqu...

The Philippine Air Force wants Gripen

According to government-owned Philippine News Agency, Major General Delfin Negrillo Lorenzana, Secretary of National Defense of th...

Busy September for the F-35

First landing on HMS Queen Elizabeth

On September 25, two american F-35s landed on the deck o...

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Top: F-16 Zeus at RIAT 2016
Original Photo Source at flickr: [link]

Bottom: F-16 Solo Turk at RIAT 2017
Original Photo Source at flickr: [link]

Photos taken by Airwolfhound from Hertfordshire, UK
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